Learning from the dead

A heavy week last week, attended two funerals. One for Ridley who died unexpectedly and the other for a friends mom, Evelyn, who had been struggling for a long time.

I learned a couple of lessons:

Don’t wait for a eulogy

As I sat at Ridley’s funeral and everyone said amazingly kind words (Rid was an icon of faith in our church, an incredible man), it struck me: “why did we wait until now to say this?” I am going to make an effort to let people know how special they are and the impact they make on my life in the here and now.

We’re missing reverence in the church

Evelyn’s funeral was a Catholic funeral. Now, this was not my kind of funeral. Though the building was gorgeous with stained glass all around, majestic etched columns all the way up to the cathedral ceiling, it was just…well, a Catholic funeral. But as I sat there in silence with everyone very careful not to say a word, I realized we don’t have that kind of reverence in the church. In exchange for big lights and amazing displays, we don’t take the time to be in awe of God’s majesty. I am going to look for ways to bring moments of reverence back into our services and worship.

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